The Uckermärkische Folkorchester

UFO launched this festival to make the BalFolk tradition more popular in the Uckermark.

The „Uckermärckische Folkorchester“ is playing music to dance European couple and circle dances to since 2008.

Thrilling dance music, 11 musicians – this sounds like a promising and jolly get-together.

On a regular basis in the Uckermark, every now and again in Berlin. 2012 at Folklorum in Einsiedel.


Uli Stornowski – Percussion
Martin Mehner – Bass
Henning Storch – Bugle, Accordion
Heike Reinhold – Accordion
René Bartkowiak – Trumpet
Katja Heber – Guitar
Ulrike Aust – Guitar
Steffen Munk – Guitar, Ukulele
Carolin Große – Transverse Flute
Roderick Bouvy – Klarinet
Sandra Rösler – Percussion
… und alle – Gesang



ZirpmusicHurdy Gurdy Fusion Folk

ZiRP are instantly recognizable by their trademark sound: a vibrant hurdy gurdy, embedded in a soundscape of acoustic guitar, bass, and groovy jazz drums. The hurdy gurdy is at times primal and organic, occasionally abstract with wild electronic effects – you’ve never heard this extraordinary instrument played quite the same way before!

On their debut album “Drehvolution” (2012) and at their live stage shows, ZiRP charm their audiences with spirited, infectiously joyful performances, harmonious and dreamy melodies, and progressive arrangements. It’s folklore meets the loop station – music for the free-spirited dancer in all of us.

The quartet fronted by hurdy-gurdy player Stephan Groth (Faun, Folk Noir) has performed at numerous renowned international festivals, including TFF Rudolstadt in Germany, Castlefest in the Netherlands, and FaerieWorlds in the USA. These days, the band is at home on any stage, from huge festivals to neighborhood clubs or the dance floors of the burgeoning bal folk scene.

On that note: Viva la Drehvolution!

Stephan Groth – Hurdy Gurdy, Low Whistles
Olaf Peters – DADGAD Guitar, Cister
Florian Manuel Fügemann – Drums, Sampling Pad
Florian Kolditz – Double Bass, Electric Bass


Zespół Balsam

Balsam is a Poland-based balfolk trio of friendship and family. First and foremost, they play for the dancers. With energetic chapelloises, unifying hanter-dros, romantic waltzes and intimate mazurkas in their repertoire, they compose and arrange European dance forms with respect for the traditional pulses and with bravely creative approach.

Balsam goes its own original way. They combine dance music with self written poetry sung in Polish, which results in a subtle, emotionally honest and heartwarming journey both for the dancers and the listeners away from the dance floor.

Ewa de Mezer – Chromatic Accordion, Vocals, Lyrics
Michał Zajączkowski-de Mezer – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jakub Szczygieł – Irish Flute, Low Whistle, Tin Whistle

Balsam on fb


Sesken Sesken was founded in a heady ball night in the South of England.

Six musicians, who love to dance as well as play music to dance to, wanted to experiment: What will happen if you combine three existing duos and make one sextet?

The outcome: Thrilling music that invites you to listen and dance, bal-folk based compositions with exciting variations, among others a classical, jazz, baroque, and hip hop crossover.

Based on the different musical backgrounds of the six musicians emerges a iridescent weave with threads of frequently new colours and structures – all on the base of an energy filled united groove.

If only we could dance with you to our music….

Vivien Zeller – Violin
Ursula Suchanek – Violin, Quinton
Daniela Heiderich – Bohemian Harp
Merit Zloch – Bohemian Harp
Callum Armstrong – Bagpipe
Matthias Branschke – Bagpipe